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Mesquite Arts Center

The Arts

The Mesquite Arts Center, local arts grants programs, public art programs, and arts presentations for adults and children are all managed and produced by the Mesquite Arts Council. Since 1981, when the council was established as a committee within the framework of the Mesquite Chamber, the council has been dedicated to providing extraordinary arts experiences for visitors and the community.

Established as a private nonprofit in 1984, the council Board of Directors and members have devoted considerable time and money as visionary leaders in the arts for Mesquite. Through community partnerships and because of the value the residents of Mesquite place on the quality of life they experience here, many support and celebrate these programs. 

In December 1995, the Mesquite Arts Center opened with two weeks of ceremonies, arts events, and celebrations. The center provides arts to Mesquite residents and visitors with concerts theatrical plays, visual arts, and children’s programming. 

Concerts occur year-round at the Mesquite Arts Center. The facility boasts a beautiful 500 seat concert hall that hosts a variety of musical styles including orchestral, choir, jazz, bluegrass, chamber music, and more. The Mesquite Arts Center is the home of the Mesquite Symphony Orchestra and the Mesquite Community Band. In addition to these concerts, the Mesquite Arts Council presents a series of musically diverse performances. The center also has an outdoor concert series on the North Lawn. 

The Mesquite Arts Center is home to the Black Box Theater where visitors can see a play or musical theater production. The productions are put on by the Mesquite Community Theatre and the MAC Black Box Actors.

Mesquite Arts Center displays new artwork in its visual art gallery every month. The center also hosts art workshops and demonstrations. Mesquite Creative Artists Association and the Texas Area Artists meet regularly at the center and provide arts classes, demonstrations, and opportunities for residents to create art. 

The Arts Council created the temporary sculpture exhibit Art Around Town, a multi-year program featuring rotating art along well-traveled areas in the city. Both monumental and site specific art work is placed at public buildings, along boulevards, and at park sites within the city. 

The Mesquite Arts Council hosts arts and educational programs for children. The center offers individual performances, workshops, and summer camps. 

Come by the Mesquite Arts Center to hear and see the arts in Mesquite! For more information please call 972-216-6444, visit, or stop by the Mesquite Arts Center at 1527 N. Galloway Ave.